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Parking, Check-in, Start, and Finish of both races is at Pilchuck Creek Trailhead in Snohomish.

Both the Wattle Waddle and the Wittle Waddle will use the Cenntenial Trail.  There's a short run (approximately 180 feet) from the start to the trail.  Once on the trail you'll turn right and head south towards the Snohomish Fitness Center at about 1.5 miles.  You'll turn around and then head north up to the second turnaround.  From there you run back to the trail and to the finish line.

The Full Marathon does this course twice.  We've done this because it's Thanksgiving and we want to be able to put on this race with a very small number of volunteers.

With that in mind, aid will most likely be limited.  Our plan is to have water on the course in two spots.  Where you first get on the trail (this should get you water 3 miles in) and one at the Centennial Trailhead at Machias Park.  Our plans for now may change, so be prepared for any eventuality.

We are in the process of certifying this course.  When the certification is complete we will post the certification numbers.

Interactive Course Overview (via Google Maps)

Google Map