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Old Course

Parking, Check-in, Start, and Finish of both races is at Gas Works Park in Seattle.

Both the Wattle Waddle and the Wittle Waddle will use the Burke-Gilman trail.  This is a flat, paved bike path with a few road crossings, at which you will be expected to exercise caution, because traffic will not be stopped for the race.  (We're too small to get away with that.)  Getting hit by a car will ruin Thanksgiving, so obey the crossing signals!

Both races start at Gasworks Park.  The course then follows the Burke-Gilman trail until a construction detour at mile 1.  For the next mile, runners will follow the blue "Pedestrian Detour" signs and chalk marks through the UW campus (there are also blue blazes painted on the sidewalks through the campus).  The course will return to the Burke-Gilman at mile 2.

The half marathon turns around just before Matthews Beach at Inverness Drive NE, then returns to Gasworks Park, at which time the runners have to run up and over Kite Hill.  (It's the best view of Seattle.)

The full marathon continues on to a marked turnaround at NE 153rd (at a small aid station), then returns to Gasworks, up and over Kite Hill the first time.  It then continues to Ballard, where it turns around at the Fred Meyer and returns to Gasworks and, yes, Kite Hill a second time.

Aid will be provided on-course, although not at the frequency of a typical large marathon.  Runners are encouraged to carry a bottle if they are of the thirsty sort.

Aid Chart:

Mile 4.2/9 for half; 4.2/17.4 for full: unmanned aid on bench

Mile 6.6 (half turnaround); 6.6/15 for full: full aid, port-o-potty

Mile 10.3/11.3 (full marathon only): full aid

Mile 21.6: start/finish; full aid, port-o-potty

Mile 23.9 (Ballard): full aid

Interactive Course Overview (via Google Maps)

Google Map